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We are designersPeople are more mindful of design; they are hungry for images, themes and experiences that satisfy them on artistic, practical, ideological and cultural levels. They are hungry for “good” design. Working with our clients, we emphasize a thorough, deeply considerate research process with an importance on learning and listening. At the same time, we center the process on audiences and contexts. We design for real people, not demographic targets. We understand that real people are looking for something more and guide our clients, processes and designs in creating greater substantial value for all. We design and build simple, usable, and attractive websites.What we offer

  • Interface design – designing and building web interfaces and templates using web standards;
  • Web site redesign – if you are looking to update your site or move into CSS; markup and CSS
  • Optimization – simplify markup and CSS to improve speed and make your site more structurally sound
  • Consulting – help with design strategy, CSS and markup suggestions, and seminars.
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  1. Heloise says:

    Heck of a job there, it absolteuly helps me out.

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